2013 - Solo Exhibition "Fine Angle", Skopje / Macedonia
2012 - Solo Exhibition "Broken Thoughts", Bienial of visual arts "August in art", Varna / Bulgaria
2011- 12th Changchun sculpture Symposium, China
2010- Sainsbury center of visual arts , exhibition “ Unearthed”-Norich/ G.Britain
2009- Kitcevo art colony/ Macedonia
2008- Beijing olimpic sculpture and conference/ China
2007- Monument to Mankind Symposium selection (for 2008)/Indonesia
2007- Dumaquete Terracotta Biennial- honoured lecturer and exhibitions/Philipines
2006- XIV Art Kolony -Kitchevo, Macedonia
2006- Olympic park sculpture(nomination award) for Beijing 2008, China (by international competition)
2006- Contemporary architectural designs of Macedonia-Sofija, Bulgaria
2005- Solo exhibition “The code of the Goddess”-Utrecht, Holland
2005- II Art Biennale- Beijing, China (by international competition)
2005- XVI Conference of IAA (active participant and lecturer)-Hefei, China
2005 - “Female principle in art”-Malme, Sweden
2005- Solo exhibition “ The Code of the Goddess”- Skopje, Macedonia
2005- “Unclaimed luggage’-Madrid,Spain
2004- “Artiade”-Olympics of visual arts-Athens, Greece (by international competition)
2003- “100 Sculptors for peace”-Jakarta, Indonesia
2003 -VII Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea , Florence, Italy (by international competition)
2003 - International Sculpture Symposium - Changchun, People s Republic of China (by international competition), two monumental sculptures permanently disposed in the world biggest sculpture park
2003 –X Raku Workshop Plemenitas, Croatia
2003- Promotive exhibition of Ass. of ceramic artists of Macedonia,Skopje
2002- Cairo international ceramic biennial-slide exhibition – Cairo, Egypt
2002- International exhibition of sculpture “Amedea 2002”- Hlinsko, Czech Republic
2002- IX Racu Workshop Plemenitas, Croatia
2002 - “In search of the origin-clay and mammoth” with L.S.Jensen from Denmark ,Skopje,Macedonia
2002- Art in traditional crafts-Stasbourg, France
2002 - Tradition in art - Skopje, Macedonia;Germany
2001 - Tradition in art - Skopje, Macedonia;Germany
2000 -exhibition “The Great Mother since ancient times till today”, Skopje, Macedonia
1999- exhibition “13 Goddesses for my city”, Skopje, Macedonia
1999 - The art in Macedonian handcraft - Zagreb, Croatia
1999 - -//- - Coblenz, Germany
1998 - -//- - Skopje, Macedonia
1994 –solo exhibition of exclusive Lady's hats - Skopje, Macedonia


2006 – Nomination award for Olympic park sculpture for Beijing 2008, Beijing, China
2003 – gold award for excellence and business prestige for individual efforts in the field of world culture , Newyork, USA
2000 - Free artist status by Macedonian Ministry of Culture
2000 -"Justinian Gate" from the Ministry of Ecology and Association of Architects of Skopje, Macedonia
1998 -"Successful woman of the year" by Marili Skopje, Macedonia