About Me

My affinity for defining space and shaping it, led me to architecture studies. Working as an architect, I still had extra needs to express my creativity. So I worked also on designing fashion clothes and hats (solo exhibition Skopje 1994), furniture, jewelry focusing my interest on traditional skills ,that I admire a lot, of which I have studied traditional weaving and woodcarving, and pottery. Clay was actually the material that made me enter the world of sculpture , and made me completely satisfied with its magic ability to cooperate with, and its noble power. I lately prefer metal, working in monumental dimensions.  But, the main motive remain the same. The Great Mother- Goddess of fertility, a significant Neolithic artifact from the enormous treasure of Macedonian archeological heritage- also one of my great interests. Her powerful symbolism is close to everyone, as it is implemented in everyone’s conscience from ancient times, as a vision of fertility-life, humanity-love-peace, respect of nature and ever y positive power of living. Further more, the goddess is also a link to my work in sculpture of woman seen as a goddess of beauty and personified creative nature with her magic power of birth giving.

2011 - Sculpturist
2007 - april 2011 Director of National Museum of R. Macedonia (archeology, ethnology and history)
2000 - 2007, opens art studio “Goddess” where she works ceramics and sculpture
1996 -1998, freelance architectural designer in Russia and Yugoslavia
1997 - Finishes courses for traditional woodcarving and weaving
1995 - Studies traditional pottery from one of the best local pottery masters.
1994 - Manager of fashion company “Class”
1979 -1994, Architect for big Macedonian constructing company - “Pelagonija”
1979 - Graduated architecture at University of Ss .Kiril and Metodij, Skopje
Born 12.05.1955 in Skopje, Macedonia